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Twigs and Branches

I only know one poem by Robert Frost, it is about the road less taken. Where because of the commonality of the familiar path, life becomes predictable and mundane. Ten years ago, nursing was the most lucrative profession so every school and convenience store started selling diplomas for a nursing degree and pretty soon the… Continue reading Twigs and Branches

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Checklists for Habit Building

"Let me just postpone it for the day..." I was contemplating before I slept how it would be alright for me to take a brake from my challenge. "Just one day" I said,as I looked at the check boxes on my wall showing my progress to 1,000 Push ups. "I can make up for it… Continue reading Checklists for Habit Building

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Modified Bench Press & Other Things

I demand the best for & from me because I will it and I will not be denied. This is just an affirmation statement that was modified from a Tony Robbins quote from Awaken the Giant Within because the constant reminder of my potential and what I expect from myself is essential to keeping up the… Continue reading Modified Bench Press & Other Things