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One Week Fast Attempt 2 | 24 Hours Later

The first day is always the hardest. But does it get any easier as you go along? No. The adjustment comes way later, though I never experienced it first hand, people who fast often say that the hunger ends by the third day. At this point, the body is no entirely running on ketones for energy and glucose is practically non-existent. And because the body knows that it will be taking energy from fats, blood to stomach is reduced and the hunger just fades away.

But now?

The last stores of glucose is just fading away from the liver and blood, there is a dull silence in the body and it’s wondering ‘where the hell did my food go? I’m supposed to be eating now!’.

As hours pass, the body panics. ‘How are we supposed to survive!?’ it yells, but then it realizes. ‘Wait! I’ve been preparing for this all my life, all the excess nutrients from eating is all tucked away in the folds under the skin!’.

And that is where I am now, the body is slowly realizing that it has other energy sources, and given my weight right now, I am overflowing with energy that is untapped because of how accessible easy digesting carbohydrates have been all this time.

But the hunger is still there.

How am I coping? Well I’m trying to distract myself and doing things to keep me from thinking about food. Playing games (not healthy), practicing my coding (not healthy but at least productive) and reading on things.

Tomorrow will be a real test, because if I don’t survive 36 hours, then it’s all pointless. But because 36 hours is marked by 9:00AM, I think I’ll be able to beat my personal best tomorrow and might go all the way to 48 hours!

Let’s do this!


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