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One Week Fast Attempt 2 | 48 Hours Later

9:38 AM | As of 9AM, I have already met and as of now, beaten my personal best in fasting. How am I feeling? I’m feeling great! And this is weird because I am not feeling the numbness of my previous attempt. And hunger is practically non-existent, but it wasn’t without any pains. Last night I had a hard time trying to get to sleep because my stomach was just growling like crazy and I was so tempted to get up and prepare a meal for myself. But around 2am I was able to finally doze off and by 6:30 my alarm went off and a few hours later here I am documenting my progress.

The goal for the day is simple: keep busy, don’t eat, be better.

Easier said than done? Maybe not, as of now I’m finding more and more motivation to actually go out and do something. Maybe it’s just the lingering glucose, because I feel I haven’t expelled it completely and maybe coffee is not the best drink to have when on an empty stomach, but that’s just more things I learn about going on fast as I go on.

Would I recommend this anyone? Not unless they like pain for a couple of days, and maybe more, because I have had so many moments to eat something and it takes a lot not to.

But it’s still early in the day. Let’s see how I do later.

6:58 PM | Two hours to two days, and I’m feeling fine. The hunger numbness is coming back, and of course the temptation to eat is creeping back again.

And what I have learned about coffee and fasting is that it’s not really the best thing to take in as I feel that the caffeine is messing with my stomach acids. According to this article [LINK] coffee can worsen stomach aches which could explain the intermittent hunger pains.

But I love coffee. Today I had two cups of coffee along with a couple cups of water. And I’m not sure if decaf would solve the problem, but moving forward I think coffee should but cut out from my accepted fluids and just have tea.

8:36 PM | 30 minutes to 48 hours, and it seems if I manage to fight off the eating temptation by 9:00AM tomorrow morning, I will have fasted for 2.5 days, which is the longest I have ever gone without eating.

So is today a success?

I would say so. And because I fasted last week, the fasting isn’t as hard today as it was last time and if I manage to keep vigilant, that one week goal just might actually happen. I’m not saying I will make one week, because I almost fell to eating today and I’m not sure I could catch myself from it in the next days.

One thing I have to be honest about: EATING IS A DIFFICULT HABIT TO BREAK.

What novice fasters should know is that there have been studies showing that 3 meals a day isn’t really the healthiest diet, and that the human body can actually survive and more importantly thrive by eating less. I’m compiling all that I’m reading about this and I will write a feature here soon, but I don’t want to be spreading information I haven’t completely detailed out yet.

But as of know, as a status update: I am doing fine so far, and I hope I could reach 3 days.


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