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One Week Fasting Attempt 2 | 62 Hours Fail

And here I thought things would be smooth sailing.

But when it comes to not eating, willpower is not the only enemy, but social pressures as well. In the Philippines, when they say you eat, you must eat. It’s probably a cultural thing, but in the diverse sub-cultures here, there is always one thing common among them: food.

So at around 11 this morning, I had to take in some food as to not be disrespectful, and thus breaking 62 hours of fasting.

Am I disappointed? Yes, especially since hunger was no longer an issue. I wasn’t hungry at all and the empty feeling in my gut was all but gone. Which does prove that 3 days is the sweet spot for prolonged fasting. Though according to some, it could go for as long as 5 days before the hunger completely disappears and the body is running completely in ketones.

But this is fine. I beat my personal best, and 62 hours isn’t something a lot of people in modern society goes through without eating for health reasons. The only thing I could do now is move forward and think about my next attempt next week.

Another thing I could take from this is: I have fasted intermittently for 2 weeks already. And there are already a lot of studies showing that fasting once a week helps in regulating blood sugar and improve cardiovascular health.

So that’s one tick of things I wish I could do, now it’s time to do better.


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