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One Meal a Day | What Am I Eating?!

At 6:00PM I finished another 24 hour fast, and I have to say, eating less frequently is becoming more and more easy as you do it more often. It’s like any other skill I guess, keep doing it more often then it would be easy as you gain mastery.

And fasting every now and then has given me some insight as to the eating habits of humans through out the evolutionary ladder, since the dawn of man until now.

How Often Do Other Animals Eat?

Sure, metabolic use of Animals vary from species to species, but if look at animals in the wild, the frequency of their eating would definitely vary from day to day. I imagine a spider who would set up it’s elaborate web and through out the entire day, how many flies would get caught for it to devour? How about a pack of wolves? How often does it catch a deer? How many of it’s pack would actually get to it?

I’m no zoologist but I imagine, given the circumstances, an animal might go on for days without eating. But in the untouched habitats, animal populations don’t really decrease do they?

So I wonder: What if 3 meals a day is completely unnecessary?

I posted this question to Google, and the American Heart Association does post something interesting. It just so happens that the frequency of our meals should not depend on an arbitrary number, but on the primary indication of nutritional need: hunger.

Just as well that we don’t need to drink 8 glasses a day, maybe eating 3 times isn’t as needed as we thought.

What Am I Eating?

So as I continue my intermittent fasting, the frequency should not be the only thing I put into consideration, but what I’m eating as well.

I haven’t been putting much thought into this really, because of my outstanding criteria of limiting carbohydrates as much as I can. But the reality of the world is that most of the food products that doesn’t cost a family’s worth are carbohydrates.

Here in the Philippines, of course there is rice, but along with it are various potato products, milk products, bread, pasta…etc. Meat and Fish are secondary in terms of what can be eaten here.

Well of course, fresh produce are a hell cheaper, but then that forces the question: Do I have time to prepare my meals to meet my eating goal?

What does this mean as I move forward?

Well as of now, I have not really gained weight, but I didn’t lose weight as well. Despite the fasting, my weight has not moved for the past two weeks, and I’m thinking my activity level has something to do with it.

So for tomorrow, I guess the goal is to be a lot more active!


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