Philosophy, Self Improvement

Fasted & Meditated, Now What?

I just completed another 16 hour fast, and it wasn’t that bad, and I’m getting used with the habit of only eating once a day. But with all the free time, I have been thinking. With all the things going on with my life, I’ve decided that taking control means simply taking control. As I’ve said before, “I will not be a victim of my circumstances”. So what does this mean for me moving forward?


Well, time to act on the things I can control. I was thinking a lot about control, how there are things in life that I can & cannot affect, regardless of my actions. So in my current state, I cannot influence it, and no amount of complaining can affect it as well. I can however focus on myself, improve myself in whatever way I can.

Tomorrow, I’ll be checking out a new gym. Time to go back to the iron jungle, stop being afraid of what people think and just act on yourself. If I can workout 3 to 4 times in a week, that would be a step forward in the right direction.

I can work on myself, I’ll also finish that reading list that I have been planning all year. I also need to follow through on that game development project I have been planning, as well as that better thinking project as well. No more waiting for the right moment, just do what needs to be done.

First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do. – Epictetus

Tony Robbins said that it’s in our decisions and following through to them that allows for change. The question I ask myself now is: can I change? I have to prove to myself that I can, and that begins with one small victory, just check off one thing in your list of priorities, and I’ll be moving forward.


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