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Reboot My Metabolism & Still Juggling

Today is a fasting day, 24 hours and eating resumes at 9PM tonight, but not really because after that meal would be another 9 to 12 hour fast from sleeping. It would be a challenge as with all intermittent fasting that lasts more than 16 hours, but I have gone through 62 hours without food before, now I’m just trying to make a consistent 24 hours twice weekly.

The problem with fasting would probably be the rebound brought about by a lack of will power when a fast ends and that is where vigilance should take over. And that is what I’m doing now as I’m typing this blog, monitoring my hunger, checking my cravings so that I won’t be binging on food, and just trying to distract myself so that I don’t eat until tomorrow when I can raise my insulin in a controlled manner.

So if you’re reading this blog just now and want to understand the theory behind intermittent fasting, I detailed it in my previous attempts here [LINK].

But other than eating, I have also been trying to practice my juggling in-line with the project of Getting Smarter. And I have been noticing some improvements. With the recent change in technique as I mentioned yesterday, I feel like my reaction time is getting better and my hand-eye coordination is improving as well.

What does this mean? Am I a genius? Definitely no, but I am setting myself up to use my brain better and I think that’s all there is to it. A better mental response time would equate to some other things, but immediately I think what I benefited the most from this activity is an improvement in my discipline.

Anyone who wanted to learn a skill will always hit a wall of frustration as they grasp the reality of their current incompetence at a skill.

“I don’t get it and I never will” is the theme of new learners in the novice stages and the immediate goal is to go past that point of frustration and develop the habits necessary to develop the skill. And yesterday I was already feeling that why bother moment and almost just stopped all together. But thanks to this blog and the constant reflection to Aristotle’s quote on excellence being a habit, I managed to continue sneaking in some practice and here I am doing better.

So achieving at least one thing for the day has been met, and I am now looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow.


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