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Going Garfield isn’t really the best way to face the day. Garfield is lazy and unmotivated to leave the comfort of his bed, and a Stoic is never attracted to his bed. But why hate Mondays today? I actually don’t, Monday represents something so important which is a new start.

The first day of the work week is all about momentum, setting your self up for success and making the best of the first 24 hours of the week. Succeeding in the first day is just precedence for a better week ahead, and I’m getting to that point.

As a Stoic, reflection is an integral part of daily life, and my meditation for today involves some prayers and expressions of gratitude towards the chance at being more. I’m focusing on what I can do, and for today that is by being healthy, thinking fit, and placing my attention of completing the job of the day, no matter how hard it may be. Because God and the universe is setting up another crossroads that will certainly affect how my future will end up.

And the choices I make define me.

So what are the first few choices of the day:

  1. Get well rested for the ordeals of the night.
  2. Prepare all the documents needed.
  3. Complete the workout of the day.

Just a couple of things, and I plan to make them count.


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