About Aga

Hi! I assume if you are here, you want to know more about me. Which is nice. My name is Aga, and I am many things, which makes it difficult to exactly describe what I am about.

This blog is basically a way for me to catalog my ‘adventures‘ in searching for myself, or more accurately a better version of myself. This isn’t a self-help blog, because I’m not sure anyone reading it would be able to help themselves from my writing, but it’s more of a way to know me, my thoughts, and how I think (I guess).

I often write about my personal projects which you can see here [LINK] but sometimes I write about myself, my hobbies, the people in my life, my opinion on things.

Posts that are strictly about me:

  1. I am a Neurotic
  2. I am a Tinkerer
  3. I am a Reader
  4. I am a Cartoonist
  5. I am a Stoic



I also ritualistically type down my meditations in an attempt to copy Marcus Aurelius in my other blog about stoicism: The Stoic Archer. It’s where I type down my reminders to myself to

Be Stoic