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Tea & Quite keeps the Soul Calm

And as I go through the day of constant thinking, I pondered upon my eating habits, of what I put in the temple that is my body. And that may seem too on the nose of matra-ishness, but a Stoic does think about what he eats. Because greed or desire for more than what one needs is against living by nature.

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Build on your achievements

I'm going to do 30 pushups today. I got my room nice, clean and organized, so time to do something else. I said to myself yesterday that victories lead to victories, and I have to ride that momentum before it escapes me. And I have been letting my body go despite starting this blog with… Continue reading Build on your achievements

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Victories lead to more Victories

So as I accomplish my goals for the day, I am only becoming more driven to be. I cleaned out my room, and this led me to read, which led me to finally start doing something else, and if this cascade of progress would continue, who knows what I can accomplish tomorrow? And the day after that.

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Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)

The cure for neurotic problems is simple: define a better version of yourself. With all the self reflection I have been doing, my greatest hindrance will always be my neurosis: The never-ending anxiety, the idle moments drowning in my thoughts, the day dreaming of what I could'a should'a would'a. I'm glad that I have no… Continue reading Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)

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A Morning of Gratitude

Yesterday I began to emulate Marcus Aurelius by writing my own meditations, to remind me to be Stoic and not allow the troubles of life to overcome me. Because for the past two years I have been involved in some shady business and have had been kept from earning for a living, kept unemployed and been… Continue reading A Morning of Gratitude

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Never Allow Your Weakest Moments to Define You

Be Stoic. No one can escape the realities of life, and facing those realities is the first thing one should accept each morning. BEGIN the morning by saying to thyself, I shall meet with the busy-body, the ungrateful, arrogant, deceitful, envious, unsocial And when those realities become to cumbersome, one is presented with a choice,… Continue reading Never Allow Your Weakest Moments to Define You