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11 Days & What Have You Done?

February is the Month of Decision & Action, and so what decisions have I made that translated into action? These is the reflection for the past 11 days, as I have been pursuing the Year of the Stoic, and I guess I can be proud of the decisions I have made in the past near 3-ish weeks into the second month. So what have I done?

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Going Garfield isn't really the best way to face the day. Garfield is lazy and unmotivated to leave the comfort of his bed, and a Stoic is never attracted to his bed. But why hate Mondays today? I actually don't, Monday represents something so important which is a new start. The first day of the… Continue reading Mondays

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Practice What You Preach?

I shall not be discouraged. I shall not be defeated. The messages I keep telling myself are a great way of enabling me to move forward despite having the issues, and despite being in constant attack by my enemies. And this is the theme of everything I place in this blog, the power of choice,… Continue reading Practice What You Preach?