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The First Steps are Always the Easiest

Another productive day? Perhaps. I almost slipped and that is always a cause for problems, and I almost fell into old habits that kept me from the schedule of the day, but as I mentioned yesterday: I will my transformation into reality. I woke up at around 6:00am still, but was tired from yesterdays work out that… Continue reading The First Steps are Always the Easiest

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Getting Back on the Horse

Transform into something! That's the goal for the month, and I am taking steps to do that and it's all about following through and believing the undeniable capacity of the human spirit. Will is the cause behind every action, and I will my transformation. This month really is focused on Tony Robbins, life coach and… Continue reading Getting Back on the Horse

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Going Garfield isn't really the best way to face the day. Garfield is lazy and unmotivated to leave the comfort of his bed, and a Stoic is never attracted to his bed. But why hate Mondays today? I actually don't, Monday represents something so important which is a new start. The first day of the… Continue reading Mondays

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Reboot My Metabolism & Still Juggling

Today is a fasting day, 24 hours and eating resumes at 9PM tonight, but not really because after that meal would be another 9 to 12 hour fast from sleeping. It would be a challenge as with all intermittent fasting that lasts more than 16 hours, but I have gone through 62 hours without food before, now I'm just trying to make a consistent 24 hours twice weekly.