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Checklists for Habit Building

"Let me just postpone it for the day..." I was contemplating before I slept how it would be alright for me to take a brake from my challenge. "Just one day" I said,as I looked at the check boxes on my wall showing my progress to 1,000 Push ups. "I can make up for it… Continue reading Checklists for Habit Building

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Modified Bench Press & Other Things

I demand the best for & from me because I will it and I will not be denied. This is just an affirmation statement that was modified from a Tony Robbins quote from Awaken the Giant Within because the constant reminder of my potential and what I expect from myself is essential to keeping up the… Continue reading Modified Bench Press & Other Things

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The First Steps are Always the Easiest

Another productive day? Perhaps. I almost slipped and that is always a cause for problems, and I almost fell into old habits that kept me from the schedule of the day, but as I mentioned yesterday: I will my transformation into reality. I woke up at around 6:00am still, but was tired from yesterdays work out that… Continue reading The First Steps are Always the Easiest

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Getting Back on the Horse

Transform into something! That's the goal for the month, and I am taking steps to do that and it's all about following through and believing the undeniable capacity of the human spirit. Will is the cause behind every action, and I will my transformation. This month really is focused on Tony Robbins, life coach and… Continue reading Getting Back on the Horse

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The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

To reflect is simply what it means: to see an yourself. When we reflect, we look at ourselves and assess the changes that has transpired the last time we tried to see ourselves. This is important as a Stoic because, no matter how much you put into becoming Stoic, if you do not stop and see how the actions you take are affecting you, then how can you be sure that you are doing the right thing.