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Take the Little Victories

In the seemingly endless discourse of daily life, getting out of bed is a challenge. But then again isn't living a challenge in itself? And if we treat each moment as a problem to be solved, then each task done is one victory in itself. Im reflecting on the concept of achievement hunting, where you… Continue reading Take the Little Victories

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Bad Days Don’t Define Me

Difficult mornings aren't new to anyone, there will always be days when the comfort of the bed seems to be more appealing than facing the day, but I really should get up and do something. But today isn't one of those days, I just spent 12 hours sleeping the night before and 12 hours idling… Continue reading Bad Days Don’t Define Me

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The Circumstances Doesn’t Care How I Feel

I was thinking about the culture of complaint the world,¬†and even me, is suffering daily. A lot of people feel that the world is unfair, and it really is. When the universe shuffled the cards of life, some people get dealt a great hand in the form of great genetics, wealthy families, or a strong… Continue reading The Circumstances Doesn’t Care How I Feel

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The Second Plateau is Always Difficult

In any journey of skill development, there will always be four stages, and each stage will have a plateau in between each one. The only times a plateau isn't present is at the very beginning and at the very end. In these transitions is where the habit is tested and successful determines whether or not… Continue reading The Second Plateau is Always Difficult

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Reboot My Metabolism & Still Juggling

Today is a fasting day, 24 hours and eating resumes at 9PM tonight, but not really because after that meal would be another 9 to 12 hour fast from sleeping. It would be a challenge as with all intermittent fasting that lasts more than 16 hours, but I have gone through 62 hours without food before, now I'm just trying to make a consistent 24 hours twice weekly.