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Tea & Quite keeps the Soul Calm

And as I go through the day of constant thinking, I pondered upon my eating habits, of what I put in the temple that is my body. And that may seem too on the nose of matra-ishness, but a Stoic does think about what he eats. Because greed or desire for more than what one needs is against living by nature.

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Build on your achievements

I'm going to do 30 pushups today. I got my room nice, clean and organized, so time to do something else. I said to myself yesterday that victories lead to victories, and I have to ride that momentum before it escapes me. And I have been letting my body go despite starting this blog with… Continue reading Build on your achievements

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Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)

The cure for neurotic problems is simple: define a better version of yourself. With all the self reflection I have been doing, my greatest hindrance will always be my neurosis: The never-ending anxiety, the idle moments drowning in my thoughts, the day dreaming of what I could'a should'a would'a. I'm glad that I have no… Continue reading Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)

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Crafting a New ‘Me’ is proving to be Hard

I was reading the 48 Laws of Power and this law in particular took my attention. Re-Create Yourself is a path to power because turning into something that commands power only makes sense really. If me as a person is not one who is in control, then regardless of how I study the book, nothing can ultimately transpire.