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The Second Plateau is Always Difficult

In any journey of skill development, there will always be four stages, and each stage will have a plateau in between each one. The only times a plateau isn't present is at the very beginning and at the very end. In these transitions is where the habit is tested and successful determines whether or not… Continue reading The Second Plateau is Always Difficult

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4 Days of Gratitude

I woke up with a terrible headache yesterday, because I was on a long trip from the province going home but that wasn't going to stop me from trying to accomplish for the day. As I have said in my previous post: the goal of the day is to accomplish at least one significant thing. And each success will bring in more success moving forward.

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Work is a Good Remedy to Worry

I have been trying to be productive for the past few weeks, as I'm trying to grasp my depression caused by current economic and professional circumstance, and I know that work is just what I need to disperse the demons causing me worry.

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Tea & Quite keeps the Soul Calm

And as I go through the day of constant thinking, I pondered upon my eating habits, of what I put in the temple that is my body. And that may seem too on the nose of matra-ishness, but a Stoic does think about what he eats. Because greed or desire for more than what one needs is against living by nature.

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Build on your achievements

I'm going to do 30 pushups today. I got my room nice, clean and organized, so time to do something else. I said to myself yesterday that victories lead to victories, and I have to ride that momentum before it escapes me. And I have been letting my body go despite starting this blog with… Continue reading Build on your achievements

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Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)

The cure for neurotic problems is simple: define a better version of yourself. With all the self reflection I have been doing, my greatest hindrance will always be my neurosis: The never-ending anxiety, the idle moments drowning in my thoughts, the day dreaming of what I could'a should'a would'a. I'm glad that I have no… Continue reading Define my Life on my Terms (Reflecting on the 25th Law)